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With advances in technology over recent years, the security and communications sector has become more prevalent in many aspects of our lives. Whether being monitored by CCTV during shopping trips or using your id pass to allow you entry to your work place, most people use some form of security system on a daily basis.

Technology integration is now becoming more common place with many establishments combining CCTV, access control and intruder detection to form overall security management structures. Integrated systems can also carry over into the care side of society with the new generation of sheltered accommodations installing telephone based equipment which as well as communication can also be used for door access applications, intruder detection and tenant monitoring.

Maintec can provide information and specifications through to installation and ongoing maintenance for all types of these systems.

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems
With recent events both locally and throughout the world, access and personnel monitoring has come to the fore for a large number of organisations.

Whether it be school grounds security for protection of staff and pupils through to complex site security Maintec have the experience and ability to provide solutions for all types of access requirements.more>>

CCTV Products CCTV Products
The CCTV industry has been a major sector where digital technology has brought higher definition images, better storage and the ability to easily access pictures worldwide via telephone networks and the Internet.

The processing of digital images allows better movement detection and tracking without the use of additional analogue surveillance equipment, via integral software and programming.more>>

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